Is Misery sexist?

18 May

Tw: Rape

(p.s. I was tipsy when editing this post so please forgive me

Annie Wilkes

Annie Wilkes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Misery is pretty much my favourite plot of all time.
A crazy fan finds her favourite author injured, nurses him to health and forces him to write for her – what’s not to like?
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In which I wax lyrical about Parks and Recreation.

14 May
Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve recently just finished watching the full five season of Parks and Recreation.

And, oh my god. I love it.
I want everyone to watch it, I want to talk about it all the time.
It’s so great.

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The Laugh of the Medusa

1 May

My top 11 quotes from Helene Cixous’s The Laugh of the Medusa

(…It was supposed to be a top 10)

The Laugh of the Medusa is all about women and the power of female writing so read and be inspired:
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American Mary (2012)

30 Apr

TW: Rape.

I’ve been trying to increase my repertoire of female-centred films recently (which is  somehow what this blog has become a record of) and the next on my list was American Mary – Mary , a talented aspiring surgeon , quits her course and instead makes money by performing extreme body modification on clients. Oooh.

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Feminist Film Recommendation: Ginger Snaps (2000)

25 Apr
Cover of "Ginger Snaps"

Cover of Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps is a horror film about two sisters, Bridget and Ginger.  Ginger gets bitten and starts to turn into a Werewolf. Sounds pretty  standard, right? Wrong. It’s great and here’s why.

Reasons why you should stop whatever you’re doing and go and watch Ginger Snaps. Right now:

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Sightseers (2012)

22 Apr

I saw the trailer for Sightseers over the summer, me and a friend had decided to go the cinema at any cost – the cost was sitting through Love Bites (…yeah)- and oh my god the trailer caught my eye. I mean Soft Cell, murder, Yorkshire, and Midlands accents?! It was so niche it felt like it had been made just for me.

I saw the trailer in November and I finally got around to watching it on Sunday because I have the amazing ability to procrastinate doing even the things I really want to do. Seriously. ‘Oh you’ll take me to Disneyworld today? Oh… maybe tomorrow…’

The basic gist of the film is that a couple, Chris and Tina, go on a murder spree on a holiday in Yorkshire.
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A Game of Lesbians

21 Apr

Tw: rape.

(I tried to not use this title, I really did.)

Everyone is watching Game of Thrones.

This might seem like an exaggeration. But it’s not.
Literally everyone I know is watching Game of Thrones.

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